Alicia Falvey

Alicia FalveyAlicia Falvey – Actor, Puppet maker and Performer, Creative Producer.

“I like to make things and to make things happen”

My training and passion is in both Art and Drama and consequently I like to make and play with performing objects – Puppetry, Mask and other props. I work with other puppet companies (Púca Puppets and Dowtcha Puppets) to make and perform with puppets and am currently developing my own show in the Incubation Space awarded by the Dublin City Council Arts Office.

I love physical theatre, comedy, working in ensemble and have a deep curiosity of devising and adaptation. To this end I produce shows and films, bringing cast, crew and all the elements together to create engaging work. Here is a link to photos of a promenade show during Kinsale Arts Festival: 

A film I produced and performed in can be viewed soon: 

I teach Art and Drama classes as a part of the City Art Squad. I am also trained in the Art of Hosting and facilitate groups in playful and engaging ways to discuss and take action on things that matter to them. Chaordic design and Theory U inform both my artistic and facilitation work. I love the process of creating and see it as the microcosm of the macrocosm – creating culture leading to cultural transformation.

I am very happy to be involved in ‘The Party’ as it is a very bold exploration on human psychology and group dynamics. I am having a wonderful time working with my comrades and looking forward to the launch of ‘The Party’ and meeting the candidate.